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Get your free report with image of your Vedic horoscope or order your detailed report. We have assembled many top astrologers to produce the most accurate, instant, and inexpensive reading on the internet.

Starsign Astrology
Astrology site where you can get your own personalised birth chart, read weekly and monthly horoscopes for free or follow links to psychic advice, $10 psychic phone readings and tarot readings

Air Cleaners & Purifiers - IQAir
We produce advanced air cleaning devices for hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers around the world. High-performance air cleaners are also available for homes and offices.

An Astrologer's Perspective
Alternative view on news and current events, from a mundane astrologer's perspective.

Aquamoonlight Astrology
Astrology for beginners to advanced. How to interpret a birthchart; progressions, astrocartography, fixed stars, arabic parts, synastry and other relationship astrology. Also horary, medical, mundane

Aryabhatt Astrology & Occult portal
The portal for astrology and occult science: Vedic(Indian) astrology, numerology, birth chart consultancy, astrology books. Free astrology services, rudraksha and gems recommendation, marriage, Astrology for the 21st Century
Astro-Noetics is one the web's best repository of astrological essays, wedding astrology, psychology, and culture. Bill Streett, the site's creator, offers personalized reports and consultations.
Provides consultancy for every aspect of life, accurate horoscopes, compatibility report for a prosperous married or love life, & more.

Astrobaby Personality Profile
Here is a complete, individualized astrology profile of your baby's personality.

AstroBoot Horoscopen
Horoscopen en astrologie horoscoop gratis voor iedereen over liefde, werk, relatie en karakter; opleiding astrologische interpretatie; ook online boeken.

Contains information on and images of the bangles, necklaces, and rings we sell, including the philosophy behind astrological jewelery and the pricing for each item.

Astrological Insights
We offer services in horary, electional and locational astrology. A wonderful course in electional astrology is available here and free services including a monthly moon void-of-course calendar and forecast reports.

We specialise in the preparation and annotation of astrological reports and charts. Our reports make the ideal unusual gifts and more.

Astrology and Counselling
Know yourself and open up your life! I can help you to become the person you were meant to be - and you will be happier and more fulfilled!

Astrology by Star*Charts
Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into romance, career, family, and self-awareness.

Astrology Insight
Original daily horoscopes - also weekly and monthly oroscopes by astrologer Michael Emerson massive in-depth free astrology site, a must see.

Astrology Resources
Astrology resource center honoring the divinity in each of us. Content: astrology articles, classes & workshops, free newsletter and a wide variety of other products & services.

J&D Celestials wants to serve your celestially-related product needs & provide information on astrology, numerology, tarot, destiny cards relationship reports, plus highly accurate psychic readings.

Athabina's TarotStar
A tarot site based on Native American spirituality. Home of "the star that never walks around" tarot deck and book. Information for beginner and experienced reader alike.

AusAngels Essences
Canadian distributor for Australian Bush, Chakra Sound, Findhorn, kKrte Phi, Masters, & more. Drops, creams, mists, books- practitioner rates available

Authentic Online Readers Psychics Network
Information and guidance using palmistry, numerology, tarot and astrology. Articles on spiritual issues and personal growth, plus free horoscope, psychic events calendar and more..
Searchable by structure, substructure and similarity database of available compounds for screening and drug discovery.

Birth Charts and Reports at New Aeon Astrology
Offering inexpensive reports of astrological charts, transit data, and interpretations of natal charts.
You are in for a treat, of the third kind. Unique, different, a must visit site if you are one of an open mind and spirit. The Lady has a touch of savoir-faire, indeed.

Brennie's Dreamscape
Brennies spiritual & love poetry, positive thoughts & affirmations, uplifting quotes, dream forum, & more thought provoking things to inspire & uplift you.

Bridging Heaven & Earth
an international spiritual talk show, focuses on opening the heart; bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness in all Life.

Cafe Astrology
Reviews of astrology books and software, astrology articles, love astrology, interpretations, and more.

Centers for Gayatri Reiki
Learn How To Manifest Your Greatest Desires while increasing your healing powers as a Gayatri Reiki Master Teacher thru ancient mantra yantra technology and our proprietary Mother's Temple Cosmology.

Channel for the masters
Full-life readings for the star people & lightworkers. Michael Ellegion is one of the finest direct-voice channels in our world today. 25 years experience.
Largest search engine for chemical and allied industry professionals. With more than 35,000 distinct and relevant URLs.

Cherry Sage -Your Psychic Lens to the Future
Get real psychic answers by established clairvoyant psychic. Offers quality, authenticity, accuracy and honesty. Read 100's of testimonials to her extraordinary honesty and accuracy.

Chicago Psychic
Psychic and tarot card readings by Anna reunites love ones, answers all types of questions. Spiritual cleansing & more.

Chrissie Blaze
I am an astrologer, author and international speaker. Please visit my site for monthly updates on astrology, an online healing sanctuary, online charts and courses, recommended books and prayers, workshops and events, cutting edge articles and more. Sign up for monthly e-bulletin for news and views

Cienna Moon Astrology
This website is a blending of astrological, psychic, intuitive, and mediumistic readings and reports. This New England area husband and wife team provide clear, insightful and accurate results.

Circle of Light
Opening the hearts of humanity and bringing SoulMates or Twin Flames together through the Messages from God. SoulMate Love, Sacred Sexuality, spiritual awakening, transformation of the world.

Configuration Hunter Software
Free astrology software for searching various astral configuration within a chart.

Cosmic Switchboard
Direction, provocative insights & encouragement on your journey. Info that helps you tailor goals so you can attain & integrate them, thus making your dreams & aspirations your reality & truth!

Live psychic advisors, free chat seminars and readings, message boards, shopping and so much more! Join us in the adventure of self discovery! Eluminating the possible, redefining the impossible.

Free Astrology
Test your horoscope compatibility with other signs. Check your physical, mental and emotional biorhythm. Get a free numerology reading and lots and lots of free astrology content.

Happy Buddha Feng Shui
Feng Shui info, advice, tips and recommendations.

Healer 2 U: Spiritualists' Retreat
Get in touch with your spiritual side. Accurate psychics, free & premium resouces, dream analysts, fortune tellers, discuss ghost sightings and encounters with other guests. Updated often.
Find your most compatible friend, lover or soul mate using western and chinese astrology. Free love horoscopes, photo chat with personal ads. Join for Free!

IAmShaman Shop
Ethnobotanical superstore with same day shipping and unparalleled quality for exotic entheogens like Salvia Divinorum, Kratom, Amanita Muscaria, and extensive meditation supplies, books, and music.

Illumination Of Spirit
Gathering of top psychics and tarot readers. First reading free. Also featuring links to low cost readers for clients on a budget. Love signs, daily horoscopes, fairy lore and more.

In Light Times
On-Line edition of Metaphysical Publication presents concepts for conscious living and spiritual growth. Feature stories, health, spirituality, astrology, reviews, more.

Indo Exim
Indo exim - scientific, laboratory, educational, medical & surgical equipments manufactuer & exporter

Jornal Astrologia
A Portuguese Astrological Journal. With several articles from portuguese astrologers and also english articles. Interviews, Ephemerides, and other useful information.

JulesOfWisdomm Psychic Readings
Clairvoyant psychic readings. Focus on the spiritual aspect of things. Call now for a great reading!

Kenny Kingston, Celebrity Psychic
The only officially approved website for the world famous celebrity psychic. See Kenny's books, phamphlets on reading auras, dream analysis and developing your own psychic ability.

Spiritual site for new age/new thought wisdom, natural health, enlightenment, healing, metaphysical, esoteric study. Guest writers and original works by author, Roy E. Klienwachter.

Life Mysteries
Exploration of life's mysteries and advanced human skills such as levitation, telepathy, perfect health, immortality and the ability to travel beyond the body.
Best psychic readings! Phelan is a psychic with clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic abilities!

Mental Health Abuse
Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.

Metaphysical World
Free astrology, numerology, colourology, divination, health and alternatives, plus much more.

Metatudies Institute
Home study courses in astrology, handwriting analysis, metaphysics and more. Articles, astrology charting services, intuitive counseling, spiritual and self-help CDs, & more.

Michelle Guidone
Psychic readings via chat room and phone. Accurate, honest, professional.

Moon Calendar
Gorgeous full colour moon calendar poster for 2006. Articles on astrology as well as astronomy of moon, lunar living, sacred sites and the major lunar standstill of 2006 at Callanish.

Multistone International, Inc.
New Age crystals, mineral specimens, carved stone gifts, cut gemstones, free metaphysical properties of stones and more.

Mystic Insight
Special promotion offer: get $5.00 free toward your first call. In addition, we also have free horoscopes & tarotscopes, plus free accurate instant astrology charts. become a mystic insight advisor.

Mystics & Magic
New age information site & store retail & wholesale, packed with information, free ecards and much more

Non Profit Biological Research for Students
Space flight bioreactor ► science competitions, high school science projects, biological research ideas.

Nostradamus�Time Travel and Prophecies
Looks at the possibility that the work of Nostradamus is the result of a future time travel experiment.

NuGeneration Technologies LLC
Specialty chemicals. Chemicals media storage, heads, wafers, semi-conductors, precision optics, metal working & more.

Express yourself in a numerological way by wearing jewelry with your numerology life path number on it - the most important number in numerology!

Predictions using transits. Our software does graphs that show the "ups and downs" of your life for any time period. Samples can be viewed. Download free demo, to test out the graphs for your past!

Orbs & The Paranormal
Site shows paranormal orb pictures and explanations for the phenomena as well as other paranormal-related material.
Free astrology horoscopes! The ultimate guide to exploring astrology, daily horoscopes, love & tarot astrology, zodiac signs, & more.

Paul Wade - Astrologer
Astrologer offers free astrology resources, horoscopes, sign analyses, Zodiac screensavers, cool games and a directory of recommended links!

Peekaboo Psychic Readings
Spine tingling channelled feelings readings by the Linda. You'll feel as if he/she just spoke to you. Phone, email, chat, im and voicemail readings.

Physics Org
We are dedicated to science, physics and technology. You will find here the latest news and forum, where you can discuss various topics and get help on your problem.

Psychic Eye
Psychics and mediums network UK free readings with top medium Vas Andreas, free chatroom and now working for a psychic tv show

Psychic Medium Sloan Bella
Master psychic medium is amazingly accurate. Psychic readings, tarot card readings, psychic medium readings, love psychic readings and full astrology readings.

Psychic Medium Spiritual Lightworker
Joy Star is a psychic medium spiritual lightworker who channels spirit guides, angels & answers from spirit world. She is a writer & psychic educator. See testimonials & articles on her website.

Rfid Technology, Rfid Software, Rfid Solutions, Rfid Application
Agilesense is focused on providing high values rfid technology, rfid software, rfid solutions and rfid applications.

This site is dedicated to helping elementary, middle, and high school students design and accomplish science fair projects involving water.

ScienceLives Online
Science articles on a variety of topics, from ecology to astronomy.

Sexual Astrology
and Love Horoscopes - read how the stars influence your sex life. Sexual compatibility between astrological signs, 2004 yearly, monthly and daily horoscopes and forecasts.

Shadowluna Astrology & Tarot
The magick is here! Natal & compatibility charts, tarot by email or phone. Affordable & intuitive, over 20 years experience! Sign associations, free online tutorials, runes, i-ching, and so much more!

Shaya Weaver
Offering astrology, humor, erotic literature, movie and book reviews, informative articles on a variety of topics including sexuality, artwork, jewelry & more. Astrology
As an astrologer, Shironna gives indepth readings & offers professional astrology reports by email, including natal profiles for all ages, secure online purchasing, Canadian prices & free report.

Sky Image Lab
Buy hi res photos from the archives of the great observatories including Hubble Space Telecope, Chandra, ESO, Kitt Peak, & NASA Apollo Missions. Framed and matted to very large sizes.

Smiley's Planet
Welcome to Smiley's Planet, explore all the known planets in the universe.

Spells Masters
Spells, voodoo, black magick -- to grant your hearts desires --- guaranteed results no quibbles

Starcana Life Path Readings
Psychic phone readings with astrology and tarot.

Starkeepers Advanced Computer Astrology
The site for astrology, art and poetry. We offer many types of astrological reports and psychic e-mail readings. We also provide in depth information on astrological terms and sun signs. - Astrology, Self Empowerment
Self empowerment resources, self growth and self discovery. Personalized astrology reports, on-line courses and metaphysical articles. Ethereal and Zodiac art on t-shirts and more.

Super Physics
A one stop site for all information about the common high level physics, i.e. quantum theories, relativity, cosmology, subatomics, cryogenics, and black holes.

Tarot Hut
Accurate and honest tarot card readings. Free readings available. What are you waiting for? Join today!

Tarot master
Tarot readings by Tim Jackson.

Taylor Made Tshirts
Offers custom printed tshirts, screen printing and embroidery at whole sale prices, printing services and over 3,000 promotional products.

Terence Guardino, Astrologer
An astrological website with yearly forecasts, published articles, reports, book information and a newsletter.

The Fossil Of The Month Club
6 month subscriptions include: prehistoric dinosaur / reptile teeth, authentic woolly mammoth hair, fern & plant fossils, fossils from the ancient ocean floor, and more.

The Horoscope Junkie
The webs best horoscope directory. Hundreds of links to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, teen, pet and email horoscopes!

The Living Spirits
Offers personal growth, transformation and healing with astropsychology -Huber method-, game of transformation, nutripuncture, spiritual teachings and more.

The Mystic Tarot
A site offering a tarot software that will answer love, health, money, career and gives timings.

The Oceania Project
Caring for whales, dolphins & the oceans - participate in the annual whale research expedition as an eco-volunteer.

The Proud Phoenix
Modern tropical geocentric astrology from a growth-oriented psychospiritual perspective by Brian Habit. Free articles, In The News column, message board, & other resources.

The Secret Pens
Fiction, artwork, and poetry in the universe of the sime/gen science fiction novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah.

The Star Astrologer
Get your horoscopes and forecasts only from the best! We feature weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes as well.

The Supernatural Universe
Dedicated to the discussion of the supernatural, paranormal, conspiracy theory, and other unexplained phenomena.

The Visionary Art of Scott Cranmer
My obsession with the mystical, spiritual and esoteric aspects of life began about ten years ago when my high school chemistry teacher told the class about his experiences with astral projection.

Thomas Clancy
My personal site where I've published my essays, blogs and short stories. It contains links to my varied intersts: philosophy, art, science, nature, etc.
Discover a bold and comprehensive new vision of God, Jesus, the cosmos, spirituality, angels, earth, science, religion, philosophy and more from the Urantia Book.

Unique Spells
Largest collection of the most powerful, tested and easy to use spells. Obtain impressive results with our white magic spells and black magic spells for love, money, revenge, career and power.

Vedic Astrology Center
Affordable, healing and accurate astrology readings and classes from Sam Geppi. Receive a free daily horoscope and a weekly horoscope.

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